Local Folklores

AUROCHER welcomes you to the villages Fum Tadly, you spend unforgettable moments while having fun with local folklore organized by AUROCHER in partnership with local populations.

What is it about?

In Morocco, the musical and choreographic heritage has been transmitted orally from generation to generation, according to learning rules governed by the master-disciple relationship. Two musical genres predominate schematically: rural music, essentially characterized by rhythm, and city music mainly inspired by the Andalusian heritage. Collective dances are as numerous as tribes. They are associated with folk poetry declaimed or sung. They present many variants of which the best known are ahidouss and ahwach.

Example of Moroccan Folklore

The Marrakech Dakka

In Moroccan this music is called dakka el Marrakchia; it is specific to Morocco.
Other spellings exist: daqqa or dekka. This word means in French “pounding hands”.
Hands held straight flat applaud all over their surface with the fingers spread apart or joined, producing a very special sound.
As its name suggests, Dakka El Marrakchia is native to the imperial city of Marrakech.