Participate in sport fishing at AUROCHER

Sportfishing is a type of fishing practiced by persons in possession of a sports license, which aims at the pleasure of the practice in the competition or not, and possibly the consumption of its catch.

Freshwater fishing techniques


The groundfish, or deadline, or bottom line is to present a fish bait on the bottom. The line is composed mainly of a leaded or a feeder or a lead (whose shape may vary according to the intensity of the current or the nature of the soil).

Peach fishing

The catch fishery is a technique that involves attracting fish to a specific place called shot. The principle seems simple, but many rules must be known depending on the fishing location and the species of fish sought.

Tackle fishing

This fishery consists of catching most of the salmonids from high and mid-mountain rivers using natural bait harvested from the fishing grounds. The baits used vary according to the season, the altitude and the state of the water.